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Investing with social purpose

The JenLi Foundation shapes and funds capital projects and social programs,
to build vibrant communities.

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The JenLi* Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation which shapes and funds capital projects and social programs.

Its mission is to transform deprived communities into vibrant places, combat disadvantage, create opportunity, and build a more cohesive society.

JenLi is an entrepreneurial Foundation, distinctive because it is able to integrate the characteristics of:

a Development Agency - initiates and oversees projects

a Merchant Bank - invests its own capital

a Fund Manager - directs the capital of third parties

a Private Equity Firm - leverages capital with debt

* The name JenLi is formed by combining two key principles of Confucianism.
Jen is a cardinal principle embracing benevolence or humanity, Li is a supporting principle of civility and social etiquette. Together, they embrace the ethos of the Foundation.

28 Bolton Str, London, W1J 8BP, UK | +44 20 3239 4210 | | Awaiting registration as charitable and not-for-profit organisation, Canton of Obwalden, Switzerland.