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The JenLi Foundation shapes and funds capital projects and social programs,
to build vibrant communities.

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There are times when social good is best achieved through donating cash to a specific and urgent cause. That will never change. But the scale of human need has become so great that it cannot be remedied only by giving to specific ‘good causes’. Society is under threat from disadvantage, distress and disaffection. These problems are pervasive, affecting the richer, developed world as well as the poorest nations, and can escalate into disorder and conflict if ignored.

The JenLi Foundation aims to help achieve a transformational shift in the capability of the Third Sector* to tackle and resolve these problems. Recognising the financially-constrained circumstances of Governments and Municipalities across the globe, and the limitations of a shareholder-driven private sector, we see that philanthropic organisations and related actors must be enabled to contribute at a much larger scale to achieve greater social impact.

In rising to this challenge, JenLi has developed a project-centred model of intervention in the urban environment, aimed at achieving social, economic and environmental benefit through attracting radically greater capital sums for investment.

The Foundation harnesses the growing energy of a new breed of philanthropist, combining altruistic zeal with entrepreneurial instinct, and seeks to use both to secure the well-being of communities and individuals.

JenLi embraces principles of due diligence, transparency and accountability to achieve more effective deployment of resource and, most importantly, the achievement of tangible social outcomes at a community scale.

* The Third Sector refers to the place between Government and the Private Sector; it embraces not-for-profit, volunteer, charitable and non-governmental organisations.


We seek widespread support in pursuit of these endeavours to create, in partnership with others, a step-change in the role and capability of the Third Sector, and to secure the welfare and prosperity of society.

Sir Richard Needham, President

(Sir Richard is a former UK Government Minister, he was responsible in Northern Ireland for urban regeneration initiatives which helped transform Belfast. He was Deputy Chairman of the Dyson Group and currently holds executive and non-executive Directorships in industry. He is active in philanthropy through Mencap and other charities)

28 Bolton Str, London, W1J 8BP, UK | +44 20 3239 4210 | | Awaiting registration as charitable and not-for-profit organisation, Canton of Obwalden, Switzerland.