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Investing with social purpose

The JenLi Foundation shapes and funds capital projects and social programs,
to build vibrant communities.

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Three principles underpin the JenLi model:

A. More capital B. Capital deployed more effectively
C. Achieve greater benefit
Financial Model

1.  All Donated Capital allocated to ‘Mission Related Investments’.

2.  Every £1 donated is leveraged with Social Investment & Debt to deploy £4.

3.  Investments secured against fixed and income-producing assets.

4.  Commercial exit according to ‘capital structure’, with surplus used for future projects.

JenLi is able to invest virtually all of its principal into asset-backed projects, directly within the local economies of deprived communities. This means that all investments can be classified as ‘Mission-Related Investments’ because they ultimately support the charitable purpose.

JenLi leverages every £1 of Donated Capital with a further £1 of Social Investment and £2 of Debt, thereby directing 4 times the amount of an original donation towards deprived communities. This makes JenLi more effective than a typical Foundation devoting only a portion* of its principal to purpose each year.

* UK grant-making average is 3% per annum, USA legislated minimum is 5%

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